Burke Wealth Management, LLC

We provide our clients with an investment plan customized to their unique goals and risk profile. Our in-house Focused Growth Strategy comprises the core of each client’s equity portfolio and is based on an investment philosophy that is both intuitive and proven.

Ken Burke, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

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High Net Worth Individuals

Our personal approach, comprehensive research and in-house asset management capabilities distinguishes Burke Wealth Management as a wise choice to protect and grow your assets. Each client will have a separately managed account so that they will know which companies they own and have direct access to the investment team making these decisions on their behalf. This level of transparency and access sets Burke Wealth Management apart from other registered investment advisors. Further, our in-house asset management capabilities allow clients to avoid the multiple layers of fees that are all too common in the industry. Simply stated, our clients know what they own and why and have a clear line of sight as to the fees they are paying.

In-House Asset Management

We work with our clients to develop a customized portfolio based on their personal needs and risk profile. The equity portion of a client’s portfolio is centered around our Focused Growth Strategy. The Focused Growth Strategy is comprised of a basket of high-quality companies with stable competitive advantages and superior long-term growth outlooks. For clients desiring equity exposure in areas not provided by our Focused Growth Strategy, we will augment the remainder of the equity allocation with selected low-cost ETFs. For clients desiring a fixed income allocation, we directly purchase high quality corporate bonds, treasuries, or municipal bonds.

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Our Network of Experts

In addition to our in-house asset management services, we look for ways to relieve points of pressure for our clients in ancillary financial service industries. We have a network of vetted professionals in fields such as insurance, realtor services, tax, and estate planning that we work with that stand ready to serve our clients. Burke Wealth Management receives no fees for these referrals beyond the knowledge that our clients will be well taken care of in areas beyond our expertise.

Registered Investment Advisor Services

In addition to our direct wealth management business, Burke Wealth Management serves as a sub-advisor to other RIAs. We give our RIA partners the ability to offer our Focused Growth Strategy in a separately managed account format to their own client base. The RIA partner maintains the client relationship while being able to offer a professionally managed SMA product in which they have direct access to the team making the investment decisions on their client’s behalf. Because we self-distribute, we are able to offer this product at a lower all-in cost to the end client. We are also happy to work with our RIA partners in joint marketing efforts to help them grow their business.

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