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Focused Growth Strategy


Focused Growth Strategy

The Focused Growth Strategy comprises the core of each client’s equity portfolio and is based on an investment philosophy that is both intuitive and proven.

The Focused Growth Strategy is designed to deliver superior long-term returns by adhering to a simple, but proven investment philosophy.

We buy high quality companies in attractive industries that possess long-term secular growth opportunities greater than that of the broader market.

The Focused Growth Strategy Invests in Businesses with the Following Characteristics:

  • Disrupting existing and sometimes sluggish business models
  • Businesses with network characteristics very difficult if not impossible to replicate
  • Businesses with predictable and recurring revenue streams

Company Characteristics:

  • Large competitive moats whose advantage is stable or increasing
  • Revenue driven profit growth
  • Balance sheet strength and free cash flow generation such that the business can weather economic downturns while continuing to invest for future growth

Strategy Characteristics:

  • Approximately 18-25 stocks with initial weightings ranging from 2%-8%
  • Annual turnover ~20%-30%, representing a 3-5 year projected holding period
  • Our long-term focus is a tax efficient way of investing and an advantage in a market with shrinking investment time horizons